Edward Abel

I am a Research Associate at the University of Manchester School of Computer Science. I am part of the Decision and Cognitive Sciences Research Group, Information Management Group and the Data Science Institute. I'm currently working upon the VADA (Value Added DAta systems) EPSRC funded project, prior to this I did my PhD in the School of Computer Science under the supervision of Prof John Keane and Dr Ludmil Mikhailov.


SOURCERY, CIKM conference DEMO Paper (October 2018)

I presented our accepted DEMO paper "SOURCERY: User Driven Multi-Criteria Source Selection" at the CIKM 2018 conference in Torino, Italy. SOURCERY is an interactive source selection web application that looks to elicit and model a user's preferences and then select sources that are most fit for purpose for the user's needs.

To read the paper Click Here , and to try out and explore the DEMO Click Here (for PDF version of the guide Click Here)

Bio and Research Interests Overview

My areas of research interests include decision support, advanced information management and machine learning & optimisation.

After completing a BSc in Computer Science I worked as a software engineer in France and then in London, before attaining a PhD in computer science from Manchester’s school of computer science. My PhD investigated utilising elements from machine learning, such as evolutionary computing, within decision making areas such as inconsistency reduction and compromise analysis within group decision making.

Since completing my PhD I have worked as a Research Associate upon the EPSRC funded Value-Added Data Systems (VADA) project. The VADA project is investigating, data management principles, techniques, methodologies and tools to support, in the context of big data, the complete cycle (from extraction, through semantic integration, to querying) of data provision that is sensitive to the user context and aims to find best-fit solutions in the light of the data context (e.g., quality, provenance, etc.). During the project I have also been involved in Knowledge transfer activities, and worked on a 3 month data science internship at the BBC R&D, investigating personalisation and advanced information management.

Additionally, I am involved with various outreach and teaching activities. I have been involved in activates including being a coding tutor, teaching computer science within primary schools, with The Tutor Trust and running an afterschool Code Club.



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